3 Way Ball Valve Options from Compressed Air Systems

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If you need a 3 way ball valve, look no further. At Compressed Air Systems, we have valves in both T-flow and L-flow configurations, as well as in a range of sizes.

3 way ball valveYou can also choose between stainless steel and brass, both of which resist corrosion. All of these valves have strong bodies and blowout-proof stems that are meant to hold up under pressure of up to 400psi.

We have many other types of tough valves to offer, including:

  • Solder end ball valves
  • Drain tap valves
  • Dual Y valves
  • Full flow ball valves
  • Deadman spring return handle ball valves
  • Gate valves
  • Pneumatically actuated ball valves
  • And more

While our selection of valves is extensive, it’s not the only type of product we can provide for your company. As our name suggests, we are compressed air specialists who have only the finest new and used air compressors to offer – whether you’re looking for a high pressure air compressor, an electric air compressor, or a rotary screw air compressor. We also have air compressor accessories, including air compressor tools and piping.

Contact Compressed Air Systems today to learn more about our products. Even if you need help choosing the right product for your system – whether it’s a 3 way ball valve or a remanufactured compressor – our experts can guide you. You can also visit our online catalog to see all of our products.

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