Air Compressor Buyers Guide

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When shopping for an air compressor, there are a seemingly infinite number of options available. Once you’ve figured out what the best brands are, you then have to ascertain your needs and the best fit for you. To help you in your search, we at Compressed Air Systems have come up with this air compressor buyer’s guide.

One main component of an air compressor is its power source. Electric, gas, and diesel are the three main sources of fuel, and they each have different pros and cons. Electric air compressors are generally better for indoor applications where noise is an issue and there is an outlet nearby. On the other hand, gas and diesel are best for outdoors and for instances in which there is no outlet to plug in a compressor. Electric compressors are also usually smaller, while diesel compressors are often used for industrial and heavy-duty purposes.

After you have decided on the fuel source for your compressor, our air compressor buyers guide suggests you figure out what size suits your needs. To do this, you simply use the highest cfm rating of your tools, and then increase it by around 20%. However, because this is simply an air compressor buyer’s guide and not a personalized recommendation, it is advisable to speak with one of our systems specialists before you purchase a model so that you can determine exactly what cfm and psi you need.

Next in the air compressor buyer’s guide is the choice between reciprocating or rotary screw air compressors. Although centrifugal air compressors are also an option, these heavy-duty models are only needed and economical for exceptionally large uses such as power plants. While reciprocating air compressors are older technology, they are also more affordable. However, the prices on rotary screw air compressors are becoming lower as time goes on. If you will be using your compressor in short bursts, then rotary screw is the best option. However, if you will be using it for continuous applications, such as powder coating, then a reciprocating compressor is a better option.

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While not comprehensive, we hope that this air compressor buyer’s guide makes your search for the perfect air compressor a little easier. If you have any questions or concerns or to speak with one of our experienced and helpful systems specialists, call Compressed Air Systems today.

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