Air Compressor Ratings

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When shopping for an air compressor, you may notice that there are many abbreviations and numbers that go along with the numerous makes and models. To make your buying experience easier, Compressed Air Systems has made a list of the different air compressor ratings you may come across in your search.

First and foremost of the air compressor ratings is “cfm,” which is an abbreviation for “cubic feet per minute.” Essentially, this rating refers to the number of cubic feet of air a compressor takes in per minute. The higher the “cfm” air compressor rating, the more powerful the compressor is and the faster it can take in and put out air. However, the cfm a compressor delivers varies by the psi, or pounds per square inch. Further, cfm air compressor ratings are based on optimum performance, and these ratings are known as displaced cfm. Actual, or delivered or free, cfm can vary by a machine’s efficiency, so it’s best to choose a compressor with a slightly higher cfm.

Another important number for air compressor ratings is the number of gallons in the air receiver tank. This number refers to the size and amount of compressed air an air compressor can store. Larger tanks can keep more compressed air, and they can keep it at higher pressures.

Last but not least of air compressor ratings is the horsepower. This number refers to the power of the engine running the air compressor. Typical horsepower ranges from 5 to in the hundreds and thousands, depending on usage. This area of air compressor ratings typically poses the most difficult analysis for those not intimately familiar with air compressors, since more horsepower does not necessarily mean more air. Many times, we see people who choose compressors with horsepower that are much too high for their needs.

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