An Auto Air Compressor Can Help You Maintain the Safety of Your Vehicle

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An auto air compressor can help you stay on top of your tires’ air pressure. Most of us usually don’t check the air pressure of our tires until one of them is looking a little deflated. Then we drive to a gas station, put quarters in the machine labeled “Air / Water,” and rush to fill our tires before the compressor stops growling.

auto air compressorWhat most of us don’t understand or choose to ignore because of the inconvenience of heading to gas station regularly to check our tires is that proper tire pressure is essential to our safety on the road.

Tens of thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths occur every year as a result of improper air pressure in vehicle tires.

Having an underinflated tire dramatically reduces the life of its tread, which in turn reduces steering precision and cornering stability. The increased rolling resistance of the tire against the road can also lead to tire failure. Storing an auto air compressor in the trunk of your car or a larger model in your home’s garage can help you to easily check your tires’ pressures regularly and help keep you and your passengers safer.

Compressed Air Systems carries a wide variety of auto air compressors in a wide variety of models from some of the industry’s top manufacturers, like Kaeser and Gardner Denver. We have been in the selling automotive air compressors since 1963, and our knowledgeable staff can evaluate your particular automobile make and model and give you advice on the air compressor that would best suit your needs.

For more information on an auto air compressor for you, contact us today.

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