Blast Machine Equipment for Sale at Compressed Air Systems

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The blast machine options from Compressed Air Systems allow you select the most suitable equipment for your sandblasting needs. We offer portable machines designed for use in the field by a single operator, making them an ideal addition to a contractor’s arsenal of equipment. In fact, the machines fit through most doorways and come with an integrated two- or four-wheeled cart for maximum mobility.

Blast machineOur single-chamber blast machines are rated for 150 psi working pressure, and they can hold 2, 4, or 6 cubic feet of blast media, depending on the model. All of them come equipped with Millennium pneumatic remote controls and a precise Quantum-K manual metering valve.

As you decide on a blast machine, you may want to consider additional equipment to complement your purchase, such as:

  • Respirators that ensure safe breathing
  • Hoses that offer varying degrees of flexibility and strength
  • Helmets that shield the eyes and face from debris
  • Sandblasting cabinets that help conserve blast media and
  • And other sandblasting tools that can help with everything from mold removal to glass etching

Beyond the sandblast equipment, to operate your blast machine properly, you’ll need an appropriate compressor, which Compressed Air Equipment can also provide for you. If you have any questions about the type of sandblasting machine or electric air compressor would be optimal for your uses, our experienced team can provide you with some guidance.

To purchase a blast machine or related equipment, contact Compressed Air Systems today.

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