EARS: A Quiet Air Compressor with Unparalleled Energy Efficiency and Safety Benefits

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A true innovation in the industry, EARS is a new type of quiet air compressor that offers the power of standard designs in a significantly more efficient and safe package. Also known as the Exhausted Air Recycling System, EARS North America was developed by Australian Chris Bosua. Frustrated by the amount of wasted air from other compressors, Bosua developed a method of cycling used air back into the compressor, creating a model air compressor with exceptional energy efficiency.

Compressed Air Systems is proud to offer EARS North America products to our valued customers. In keeping with our commitment to providing innovative solutions, we offer EARS to give our customers a way to reduce the noise in their business, since it is an exceptionally quiet air compressor, as well as keep employees healthier by providing cleaner air. EARS North America also provides a more energy efficient method of running a compressed air system, since their compressor design recycles air and requires less running time to provide equal output. Reducing energy consumption by nearly 50%, this air compressor’s energy efficiency can save you serious cash. And, by reducing noise by anywhere from 40% to an astounding 80%, you protect your hearing, too. Plus, by keeping dust and debris from being blow around the work area, the EARS quiet air compressor also improves the quality of the air your employees breathe, resulting in higher morale and even a lower incidence of health problems.

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