Engineering Services

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Need help sizing or planning a compressed air system? Let one of our well experienced system specialists help. We can plan with you from start to finish or improve an existing system. C.A.S. offers a full turn key system if necessary. We can install the complete package as well as pipe a complete well engineered air distribution network. Give us a call @ 800-626-8177

Air Audits
Considering upgrading or adding on to your existing air compressor system? Let us take out the guesswork and perform a complete air analysis. Understanding exactly how much air you use and how much you spend on the electricity alone is a major benefit. C.A.S. can perform an analysis whether it is as simple as a “walk through” with one our system specialists or C.A.S. hooking up analyzing equipment to your system and providing a detailed report of the real usage and how to improve your system with the proper controls which can save you money in the long run. We can identify air leaks and inefficient usage of compressed air. The goal of the audit is not to add additional air compressors, but reducing existing air compressor usage and making your air system more consistent for better production results.

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Comprehensive services for the complete air system
At CAS, we realize that more than just equipment goes into running an efficient air system. The right equipment is only part of the story.

As air system specialists with a comprehensive understanding of the many elements that contribute to the overall effectiveness of your system, we invite you to call on a CAS representative. We can conduct a thorough evaluation of your system, or simply offer advice and consultation before you make a major investment in your system. It’s all part of our commitment to the market, and our aim to foster strong long-term relationships with customers.

Customized system design
For specialized systems or unique requirements, Kaeser’s highly trained engineers provide expert applications assistance. From complex installations and challenging environments to facilities with limited space, Compressed Air Systems, inc. can design and layout a system to meet the specified requirements for performance and reliability.

Maintain Your Air Compressor

Learn more about maintaining your air compressor by downloading our eBook on air compressor maintenance.

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