Filter Lubricator Regulator for Air Compressors in Tampa, Clearwater, Orlando and Cities across Florida

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If your air compressor is used for a more general purpose and doesn’t require too much special modification to suit your needs, perhaps a more standard yet flexible approach to adjusting and improving your compressor is your best option. If that is the case, a Filter Lubricator Regulator (FLR) is the perfect choice. An FLR assembly is the easiest way to remove contaminants, keep your machine well-oiled and regulate pressure for the overall well-being of your air compressor. Compressed Air Systems offers a wide selection of reliable FLR assemblies to meet your air compressor requirements, including Wilkerson brand parts.

With more than 40 years of experience with air compressors and their accessories, our expert staff can assist you in choosing the right type of Filter Lubricator Regulator and guide you through the proper installation of its components. Serving Tampa, St Petersburg, Lakeland, Orlando and nearly all Florida communities, Compressed Air Systems is the best source for quality compressor parts in the state. Call or email us today.

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