Merchant Coupling Varieties for Sale at Compressed Air Systems

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A merchant coupling is a small but integral part of many piping systems, and Compressed Air Systems has nearly any size you need, with options ranging from ¼ to 3 inches.

Merchant CouplingOur couplings are cast of black iron, which is more malleable than other materials, such as steel. A merchant coupling connects two threaded pipes, giving the connection a tight seal, no matter what your pipeline carries.

Even the toughest merchant coupling is useless without a functional pipe setup, so we also offer a selection of related products, such as:

  • Threaded elbows
  • Reducer hex bushings
  • Threaded floor flanges
  • Threaded caps
  • Close nipples
  • And much more

Our inventory doesn’t stop with our merchant coupling and threaded pipe fitting collection, though. At Compressed Air Systems, we are dedicated to bringing you the products you need to build, improve, and maintain your air compression system. We can offer you a wide range of new and used air compressors, including portable air compressors, as well as air receiver tanks, compressed air dryers, and other air compressor parts and accessories. If you need help choosing the right products to suit your system, our experienced professionals will be glad to advise you through your selection process.

Contact the experts at Compressed Air Systems today to learn more about all of our products, including merchant coupling options, and to place your order. You can also browse through our online catalog of air compressor-related items.

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