Buy a Pipe Wall Bracket at Compressed Air Systems

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A pipe wall bracket can be a useful addition to a SmartPipe configuration, which is a modular system of piping that is easy to modify as needed. At Compressed Air Systems, we have several bracket options to choose from. Our brackets have ½-inch NPT connection widths, and they come in one-port and two-port types.

Pipe wall bracketBecause they are made of treated brass, our brackets are non-flammable, and they resist mineral and synthetic compressors oils as well as ultraviolet rays, so they’re sure to hold up over time. These brackets can also handle compressed air or inert gasses at pressures up to 232 psi.

At Compressed Air Systems, we don’t stop at just the pipe wall bracket. We offer other equipment for your SmartPipe system, including threaded connectors, safety couplers, fixture accessories, and even a tool kit that is specially designed to suit installation and maintenance of SmartPipe systems. Our expansive inventory also includes hundreds of air compressors and related accessories, such as:

  • Air compressor tools, including nozzles, air guns, and air chisels
  • Nitrogen generators
  • Air compressor accessories, like piping, regulators, vacuum receivers, hose reels, and leak detectors
  • Spray booths
  • Oil less air compressors
  • Railcar door openers
  • Air purification systems
  • And more

Contact Compressed Air Systems today to purchase your wall pipe bracket or to learn more about all of our other available equipment. You can also browse through our extensive online catalog for more details on any of the products you need.

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