Pneumatic Swivel Fittings for Sale from Compressed Air Systems

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Pneumatic swivel fittings are useful for reducing the strain on supply lines and keeping hoses from twisting while air tools are in use – both of which can help increase the life of your air hose.

Pneumatic Swivel FittingsAt Compressed Air Systems, we can provide you with these fittings at a very competitive price. We have ¼-inch brass swivel fittings that are designed to turn up to 90 degrees, as well as ¼-inch brass and plated steel fittings that are built to turn 360 degrees on two planes.

In addition to pneumatic swivel fittings, we offer other fittings for your air compressor system, such as quick-disconnect fittings and push-in fittings – including elbows, connectors, and union tees. We also have nearly anything else you need to assemble a compressed air system and keep it functioning for years to come.

Our expansive inventory of superior items includes:

  • New and used air compressors like reciprocating compressors, industrial air compressors, electric air compressors, and vertical air compressors
  • Air compressor accessories, such as piping, control systems, pumps, and air tools
  • Air compressor lubricant, including ammonia compressor lubricant and oil options
  • Gardner Denver air blowers, like the Mobile, DuroFlow, and TriFlow models
  • Sandblast equipment, such as respirators, airline monitors, and sandblasting tools
  • And more

To learn more about our pneumatic swivel fittings and other pneumatic accessories, contact Compressed Air Systems today. You can also explore our online catalog to view our entire inventory of air compressors and related items

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