Push-in Fittings for Sale at Compressed Air Systems

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Push-in fittings are ideal for easily connecting and disconnecting lines without the use of tools, and Compressed Air Systems has a variety available.

Push-in fittingsWe have a selection of brass push-in fittings that includes:

  • Male swivel elbows
  • Male elbows
  • Unions
  • Bulkhead unions
  • Male connectors
  • Female connectors
  • Female elbows
  • And more

We also offer push-in fittings from Legris, a brand trusted for its quality products. These items include steel, nickel-plated brass, and nylon/nickel-plated brass fittings. No matter which of these products you choose, the quick connect mechanism can save you up to 75 percent of the assembly time it would take to use a standard compression fitting. Plus, all of these fittings are reusable, so you can connect and disconnect time after time while retaining the ability to easily generate a leak-free positive seal.

At Compressed Air Systems, we know that while push-in fittings can be useful, they probably aren’t the only products you need to keep your operation running as smoothly as possible. We specialize in all of the products your compressed air system may need, so we can also provide you with other important equipment, from various used air compressors and air compressor lubricant to industrial vacuum systems and rotary vane vacuum pumps.

To find out more about all of the items we offer – including push-in fittings – browse through our online catalog. You can also contact us by phone or email if you have any questions.

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