Side Channel Blowers for Orlando, Tampa, Spring Hill, and Throughout Florida

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For high efficiency, low noise level, and a compact design, consider a side channel blower from Compressed Air Systems. We offer many makes and models, all of which give you long-lasting performance at a low cost.

Whether you run a car wash in Orlando or a sewage treatment plant in Spring Hill, we have side channel blowers that can meet your needs and be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Wastewater and sewage treatment
  • Internal automotive cooling
  • External automotive drying
  • Air filtration
  • Much more

Only Compressed Air Systems can offer you products from top brands at low prices. Don’t settle for less than high quality and reliability when it comes to your air compression equipment.

Contact us today for more information. If you’re anywhere from Tampa to Orlando, your low-maintenance, high-performing side channel blower is waiting for you.

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