Vacuum Receivers for Sale at Compressed Air Systems

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Vacuum receivers from Compressed Air Systems are tough and durable, making them the perfect addition to your air compressor system.

Vacuum receiversWhen you’re working with such highly pressurized air, it’s important to know that its container is made of strong materials and is properly manufactured so it won’t put employees in danger. We understand that concern, so our receiver tanks are of the highest quality available and produced by Manchester Tank, a company that builds them in accordance with the ASME code for compressed air storage use. The vacuum receivers are built with an internal baffle plate installed, and they have a hinged closure to allow for simple internal cleanout.

Our vacuum receivers have a vacuum rating for 29.9 inHg, and they are available in various capacities from 60 to 400 gallons. They all have a maximum allowable working pressure of 150psi.

In addition to all of our high-quality vacuum receivers, we also have many other types of compressed air equipment, including:

  • New, used, and remanufactured air compressors from various manufacturers
  • Threaded and push-to-connect air compressor fittings
  • Air compressor accessories, like air hoses, hose reels, and pumps
  • Cycling and non-cycling refrigerated air dryers
  • And much more

Contact Compressed Air Systems today for more information on our vacuum receivers or any of the other equipment we have to offer. To view all of the products in our inventory, browse through our online catalog.

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