Dual Y Brass Valves for Sale from Compressed Air Systems

Dual Y brass valves are used to split the flow from a single source into two streams, particularly down two hoses, and Compressed Air Systems carries vented and non-vented valves in several sizes. All of these valves can operate with pressures up to 600 psi, and they are useful in a variety of compressor applications.

Plus, because they were forged from brass and built to last, you can feel secure knowing that they’ll be a reliable addition to your operation.

At Compressed Air Systems, we can provide you with a wide selection of valves and other equipment to meet nearly any air compressor-related requirements. In addition, we carry many types of air compressors so you can find the right equipment to suit your particular needs.

Here is a small sample of our expansive air compressor selection:

  • High-pressure air compressors
  • Electric, gas, and diesel-powered air compressors
  • And much more

Whether you’re selecting a valve or trying to the find the right compressor for your operation, we’re here to help. In fact, our experienced employees are always happy to guide customers to the ideal product by considering which features will be most beneficial for specific applications.

Contact Compressed Air Systems today for more information on dual Y brass valves, full flow ball valves, air compressors, and all of the other items we carry.