Compressed Air Leak Detector for Sale at Compressed Air Systems

A compressed air leak detector can play a vital role in any company that utilizes a compressed air system. These pieces of equipment can help your plant conserve its compressed air supply, which in turn saves you money.

At Compressed Air Systems, we offer the Jorc LOCATOR™ leak detector, which comes complete with noise-isolating headphones, rubber focusing cups, and a battery – all in its own case. This product can provide you with audible and visual indications of air leakages from a distance of up to about 10 yards.

Leaks can cause you to waste compressed air and money in a number of ways. For starters, because an average plant without leak management can waste up to 30 percent of its total capacity, your compressors may be running longer than necessary.

With the additional loads, you’ll be spending more time and money maintaining the air compressors. Plus, the wasted air can deceptively inflate the demand for air, making it seem like you need more air compressors when you don’t.

Instead of wasting your resources, you can use the Jorc LOCATOR™ to check common leak locations, such as:

  • Damaged or missing O-rings in quick-connection fittings
  • Pipe joint and flange welds that are old, improperly executed, or subject to vibrations
  • Float and mechanical condensate drains
  • Pipe thread connections
  • Air tools
  • And many more

To learn more about the Jorc LOCATOR™ compressed air leak detector and the rest of our air compressor parts and air compressor accessories, call or email us today. You can also browse our online catalog.