Railcar Door Opener

Unlike the former ways of opening hopper car doors, a railcar door opener allows you to quickly, easily, and safely open a railcar door.

Compressed Air Systems is proud to offer multiple models of the railcar door opener made by the best manufacturers in the business. Plus, we offer both new and used models to suit any budget.

Compressed Air Systems also offers rental of one or more railcar door openers. Further, we can service and repair your railcar door opener. Compressed Air Systems is actually the original creator of P.O.G.O., having made the first version in 1973. As the creator, we have the most experience, and we’re also the best for railcar door opener sales and service. Whether you just need a railcar door opener for a period of time, or you need a replacement while we repair yours, you can also benefit from our railcar opener rental services.

Whether you’re looking to buy, rent, or repair a railcar door opener, Compressed Air Systems can help you. Call or e-mail us today for more information.

P.O.G.O Hotline: 866-598-2531

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