Medical Air Compressor for Sale from Compressed Air Systems

Perhaps more than any other field, a medical air compressor must be reliable, durable, and ready for anything, just like the professionals who use it.

When you need dependability like that, it is essential to choose a manufacturer you can trust and a distributor who will be there when you need them.

A medical air compressor can come in many shapes and sizes. Some of the more common options include:

  • Tank-mounted or base-mounted
  • Mounted aftercoolers
  • Desiccant or refrigerated dryers
  • Modular design for easier transport through halls and doorways

Along with the above options, Compressed Air Systems is proud to be an authorized dealer of both Kaeser and Powerex air compressors. When you want a high-quality medical air compressor and accessories offering exceptional air purity, we can help you. Not only do we offer the exceptional durability and reliability of new Kaeser and Powerex compressors, but we also have many used makes and models. Inspected to ensure quality, our used compressors offer a more affordable option for your medical air compressor.

For more information on which medical air compressor is best for your needs, call or e-mail Compressed Air Systems today. We also have new and used air compressor parts available, including used rotary screw airends, as well as other necessities, such as rotary screw compressor oil, air compressor air dryer options, Champion air compressor products,and more. Our inventory even includes other air compressors, including industrial air compressors and portable air compressors.