Fleet & Maintenance Air Compressor Equipment

Compressed air is an indispensable resource in a number of major industries. Often regarded as a fourth utility along with water, electricity, and gas, compressed air is the backbone of many critical commercial and industrial applications, from power tools to manufacturing equipment.

Fleet management is just one of the many industries that depend on a steady stream of compressed air. In addition to being used for functions such as vehicle maintenance, industrial fleets require a constant supply of portable compressed air to perform essential tasks and functions.


An air compressor stores the potential energy of pressurized air so that it can be used as an energy source when needed. This form of energy is highly portable, which makes it ideal when other energy sources such as electricity are either unavailable or impractical. Listed below are several examples of industrial fleets that depend on compressed air.

Construction Vehicles and Equipment

Most construction vehicles fall into one of the following categories: transportation/hauling, earth-moving, pile-driving, drilling, tunneling, or material handling. These vehicles rely on compressed air to provide the power needed to carry out their operations. Pneumatic asphalt compactors/roller, pile drivers, cranes, and excavators are examples of construction vehicles that make use of compressed air.

Concrete, water, fireproofing, and spray-on insulation pumps, as well as sandblasting equipment, are all essential construction tools that are powered by compressed air. In addition, mobile equipment which moves materials across the job site is supported by a compressed air system.

Public Transportation

Public transportation systems are responsible for quickly and safely guiding commuters around the city. Pneumatic brakes are considered one of the most critical components of a public transportation’s safety system.

Compressed air brake systems are used to provide stopping power to vehicles that are too large to be operated by hydraulic braking systems (e. g. buses). The typical air braking system consists of an air compressor driven by the engine and a reservoir that stores the compressed air. Outside of public transportation, air brakes are also used to stop trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers.

Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicle fleets also make use of air compressors on a daily basis. Fire trucks, for example, rely on compressed air for their compressed air foam systems (CAFS). A rotary air compressor is used to deliver the energy needed to propel the foam solution to the required areas. The compressed air may also be used, along with water, to help generate the foam itself.

Compressed air can also be found in most ambulances. Ambulances are often outfitted with oxygen generators (also called oxygen concentrators), which rely on air compressors to compress the surrounding air and deliver it to the patient in a controlled manner.

Roadside Assistance Vehicles

Emergency roadside vehicle fleets need to be equipped with the right tools to ensure that they can deal with a range of vehicular problems. Some of these tools include jacks, fuel canisters, tire service tools, and jump-start equipment.

Portable air compressors provide these instruments with the power needed to operate them. They are also used to fill deflated tires and operate suspension systems. In addition, air compressors can be commonly found in tire shops and gas stations worldwide for tire maintenance.

Underground Utilities

As trenchless construction techniques continue to gain popularity, ground piercing tools powered by compressed air are becoming more commonplace. Utility vehicles can benefit from carrying portable air compressor equipment to power these tools on demand.

Pneumatic boring equipment, also known as moles, hogs, or missiles, uses compressed air to repeatedly propel a piston against a chisel head assembly to produce a hammering action. This allows the mole to create horizontal bores which can be used to install underground utilities with minimal disturbance to the road surface above.

Brands We Distribute For Fleet and Maintenance

For over 50 years, Compressed Air Systems Inc. has supplied portable air compressor systems to companies in a variety of industries. We are authorized distributors of several industry-leading air compressor brands, including:

  • VMAC
  • VanAir
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Kaeser Mobilair portable compressors
  • Champion Compressors

We’re proud to provide reliable fleet management services to a number of major companies, including:

  • City of Sarasota/Sarasota County
  • Vactron
  • Cues
  • SpaceX

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