Helium Compressors

Helium compressors play an important role in many manufacturing, aerospace, power generation, healthcare, and research applications. Compressed helium can be used for leak testing, cooling high-temperature components, providing a protective atmosphere to block oxidation, and more.

Compressed Air Systems provides many types of air compression equipment and accessories from trusted manufacturers to ensure you have the best compressor for your requirements. We also offer air and system audits, compressor rentals, leak detection services, and turnkey industrial compressor systems.

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Helium Compressors: An Overview

Helium is an inert noble gas with very low density, small molecule size, and high thermal conductivity. In order to use it efficiently, helium must be compressed and stored under pressure using specialized equipment. It is a nonrenewable gas, meaning there is a limited supply available on the Earth, so it is important to capture, recover, and reuse helium whenever possible. Because its molecules are so small, helium is prone to leaks, so tanks and compressor chambers and tubing must be carefully sealed and manufactured to tight tolerances to minimize escaping gas.

There are several types of compressors for different types of gases and end uses. For helium, a positive air displacement reciprocating compressor is a common choice. The pistons are powered by electricity, gasoline, or diesel and move back and forth (or up and down) to draw in and reduce the volume of helium gas. This raises its pressure and temperature. The pistons also move the pressurized helium into a storage tank to be held until it is needed. The process of compression generates heat, so compressors may be designed to compress the helium in multiple stages, which allows the gas to cool periodically before being further compressed. This helps control its temperature until it reaches its final pressure.

Featured Helium Compressors

We offer a range of reliable options for helium compression applications, including several by Sauer. The following are oil-lubricated piston compressors designed for high-performance helium compression.

Sauer Compressors: Air Cooled (Hurricane Series)

  • 1750 to 5000 psi
  • 15-70 HP options
  • 18-67 CFM

Sauer Compressors: Water Cooled (6000 Series)

  • 125 to 7000 psi
  • 140 – 268 HP options
  • 200-470 CFM

Sauer Compressors: Air Cooled (Passat Series)

  • 200 to 1150 psi
  • 27-114 HP options
  • 96-211 CFM

Sauer Compressors: 4 Stage Air Cooled Compressor (Tornado Series)

  • 1500 to 3335 psi
  • 10 to 17 hp options
  • 11.5 to 12.3 CFM

Benefits of Using Helium Compressors

Helium compressor technology is useful for many applications for several reasons, including:

  • Efficient operations. A continuous supply of gas is available for applications when and where it’s needed in the facility.
  • Economical helium use. Nonrenewable helium is in demand, so using a compressor to capture and reuse it can minimize waste and save money.
  • Precise control. Most compressor equipment can be adjusted to meet the exact requirements of an application; custom systems can also be tailored to different settings.
  • Sustainability. Properly sealed equipment eliminates leaks, and recovery systems aid conservation by reducing the demand for helium mining and extraction.

Industries Served

Helium compressors are vital equipment in many industries. Some common examples are:

  • Aerospace. For purging and pressurization fuel tanks and systems; companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin require high-pressure helium to pressurize the propellant tanks that facilitate spacecraft propulsion. Compressed Air Systems supplies the high-performance products needed for these applications.
  • Medical and healthcare. For cooling the superconducting magnets in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines, and in cryogenics.
  • Research. For cooling particle accelerators, and providing pressurized gas for tests and experiments; creating an environment that limits oxidation, and other low-temperature applications.
  • Manufacturing. As a shielding gas in welding and other applications where the environment must protect against oxidation, such as in semiconductor manufacturing; for pressurizing and testing optical fibers.
  • Power generation. For cooling gas turbines and for heat transfer in nuclear facilities.

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Precision helium compressors ensure a reliable supply of pressurized helium is available for use in healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, and other settings. At Compressed Air Systems, we supply compressor equipment and systems to meet your unique requirements.

Our products and services are available to the local Tampa, FL area and beyond, so contact us to learn more or to request a quote.

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