Nitrogen Generators from Compressed Air Systems

As any car or truck enthusiast knows, nitrogen allows you to maintain precise and proper tire pressure for longer than regular air, making it perfect for enhancing the performance of motor vehicles.

With the rising price of gasoline, people nationwide will be clamoring for any way to increase the efficiency of their vehicles, and with pressure swing adsorption and other types of nitrogen generators from Compressed Air Systems, a leader in compressed air, you can quickly and capably serve your customers.

When you want the ultimate in performance and purity, you simply can’t beat nitrogen generators from Compressed Air Systems. We offer these generators from some of the industry’s top names, like Kaeser and Great Lakes.

As a Kaeser dealer, we offer the highest quality nitrogen generators. Built to exacting specifications by the experts at Kaeser, you can trust the integrity of these machines.

With 99.5% nitrogen delivery, nitrogen generators from Compressed Air Systems provide extremely pure nitrogen for optimum performance.

nitrogen generation

Some of the features of nitrogen generators from Compressed Air Systems include:

  • Wheeled machines to allow portability and mobility in shops
  • Nitrogen analyzer to check purity
  • UltraFill 99+ supports multiple service bays and can service multiple tires at a time
  • AutoFill Cart lets you quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly fill tires to pre-set pressure

With unmatched accuracy, our nitrogen generators are supremely safe and offer not only great performance, but the peace of mind from knowing that your machine, your customers, and your employees are safe.

Plus, Kaeser’s UltraFill 99+ nitrogen generators come with a purity monitor to allow you to keep a close eye on the operation of your machine and rest easy knowing it is functioning properly.

These nitrogen generators also come with a fully automatic “auto-fill cart,” which not only improves accuracy, but also allows your mechanics to focus on other issues while the tires are filling.

For more information on the many benefits of nitrogen generators from Compressed Air Systems, call or e-mail us today. We also offer a wide range of used compressor equipment, such as, rotary screw air compressor options, radial blower products and air breathing filters, push in fittings, and related products such as automotive spray booth and compressor pressure switch options. We can even help you find specific compressors, like a 60 gallon air compressor or an 80 gallon air compressor.