Gas Powered

When shopping for compressed air, one main type you will come across is the gas air compressor. As the name implies, this type of compressor is powered by gas rather than electricity or diesel, and there are many benefits to working with them.

Unlike the electric-powered models of compressors, a gas air compressor does not need to be plugged into a power source.

Not only does this make moving a gas-powered model easier, since there is no cord to deal with, but it also means that you can take it on job sites where there is no electricity available.

When compared to diesel, this compressor is substantially quieter.

However, a gas air compressor is not recommended for indoor jobs, as it does produce fumes, and it is necessary to run a gasoline air compressor in an open-air environment to avoid possible health issues.

Compressed Air Systems has many makes and models of the gas powered air compressor style, including the renowned Kaeser brand.

Plus, we offer both new and used options to let you save money while still getting the high-quality machinery you deserve.

Learn more about the benefits of working with Compressed Air Systems and speak to one of our systems specialists about getting the perfect one for your company by calling or e-mailing us today.

We can also provide you with other discount, portable, and contractor options, as well as AIRTECH vacuum pump options, high volume blower products, humidifier prefilters, pneumatic tools, 90 degree elbows and other pipe fittings, air compressor piping, air compressor oil, and more.

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