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An air compressor is a critical tool for a variety of applications, from cleaning operations to power tools and industrial processes. They operate using a piston and cylinder mechanism, which takes air in from the surrounding area and compresses it into a reinforced tank. The walls of the cylinder must be thoroughly lubricated to allow the piston to move freely. Typically, compressor designs incorporate oil or grease as a lubricant to ensure that the piston operates smoothly and reliably. 

In more recent years, lubricant materials such as Teflon have grown increasingly popular for use in high-friction applications such as air compressor cylinders. Using naturally lubricating solids, oil-free air compressors enhance the safety and reliability of air compressor operations. Compressed Air Systems, Inc. is pleased to offer high-quality dependable oil-less air compressors for a variety of applications.

Oil-Less Air Compressors

An oil-less air compressor is characterized by the composition of its cylinder walls. Standard air compressors use steel or aluminum cylinders, which require lubrication such as oil or grease. Oil-less air compressors incorporate low-friction solids like Teflon into the cylinder walls, to create a low-friction environment without the need for liquid lubricants. Compressors that use oil-less lubricated cylinders require less maintenance, and are ideal for applications where oil spray and airborne lubricants must be avoided. 

Oil-Less Air Compressor Applications

Oil-less air compressors operate more cleanly and reliably, with less maintenance than their oil-based counterparts. In fact, their low environmental impact, low noise, and low maintenance operations make them an increasingly popular option for many industries, including:

FAQ / Oil-Less Air Compressor Considerations

Regardless of the size or power of your compressor, the experts at Compressed Air Systems can help you find the right equipment for your operation. Using decades of hands-on experience, our system specialists will work closely with you to determine which oil-less compressor design will best suit your needs. For every order, we consider the following factors: 


What application will the air compressor be used for? Your compressor should be tailored to the specific needs of your application. Oil free rotary screw air compressors are going to have a different design compared to dental air compressors. 


What type of compressor suits your needs? We offer everything from heavy-duty industrial compressors with large tanks to small compressors designed for handheld tools.


How much space do you have for your compressor? How much compressed air storage do you need for your required air flow? Both factors will help you determine the right size compressor for your operation.

Air Requirements

How much air flow do you need for regular operations? Consider the volume, speed, and consistency necessary to ensure adequate air flow for your application. 

Top Quality Oil-Less Air Compressors From Compressed Air Systems

At Compressed Air Systems, we are dedicated to ensuring that you have the perfect compressor for your needs. An authorized dealer of Kaeser and Powerex equipment, we are pleased to provide superior quality oil-less air compressors made by the industry’s leading brands. Our extensive selection of oil-less air compressors includes both new and refurbished models, so you can find the right compressor within your budget without sacrificing quality. Each compressor undergoes a rigorous ISO-certified inspection process to ensure that they meet our high quality standards for craftsmanship. 

In addition to our oil-less air compressors, we are pleased to offer a broad selection of traditional and specialized air compressors and components, including gas-powered, 5-gallon, air dryers, brass gate valves, quick connect fittings, and much more! 

Reach out to the experts at Compressed Air Systems today or request a quote to learn more about our selection of oil-less air compressors and other air compressor products.

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