VMAC Underhood Air Compressors

Regardless of your location or application, chances are you’ve dealt with the hassle and expense of towing around a portable air compressor. As essential as they are to construction sites, mobile mechanics, public utilities, and other industrial uses, they can also be incredibly costly.

What Are VMAC Underhood Air Compressors?

With VMAC underhood air compressors, you can eliminate the cost and inconvenience of the traditional portable air compressor. Integrated into the design of your truck, these compressors are actually installed snugly under the hood — out of sight, but easy to access.

Running off of your truck’s engine, underhood air compressors are exceptionally efficient, providing a 100% duty cycle and reducing the time needed to complete jobs, allowing you to increase productivity and profits.

VMAC Underhood Air Compressor Advantages

Able to be installed into most popular work trucks, these compressors are available and useful for nearly any application.

Virtually anywhere you would use a regular portable air compressor, you can save time, money, and stress. By eliminating the need to tow your air compressor around, you save money on fuel — both from the extra tow weight and from fueling itself.

VMAC Underhood Air Compressor Applications

Popular industrial applications for VMAC underhood air compressors include powering jackhammers, air jacks, lube systems, and a variety of pneumatic tools, as well as filling tires.

  • Tire inflation. Able to quickly supply air for inflating tires, high-efficiency VMAC underhood air compressors are useful for vehicle fleets in maintaining appropriate pressure in their tires as well as mobile mechanics and service vehicles for helping drivers get back on the road.
  • Fleet maintenance. Businesses that provide shipping and transportation services often utilize — and so must maintain — a large fleet of vehicles. VMAC underhood air compressors can address maintenance issues where your drivers are, without them needing to reach a central repair facility.
  • Mobile service vehicles. When someone needs their equipment or tires repaired on the go, air compressors minimize downtime by providing power in the field.
  • Utility and maintenance trucks. On these vehicles, VMAC underhood air compressors allow service providers to power the tools of their trade, like winches, pneumatic tools, and hydraulics.
  • Pneumatic tools. VMAC underhood air compressors are capable of powering pneumatic drills, air hammers, impact wrenches, and various other pneumatic tools. This lends VMAC underhood air compressors to common applications in the manufacturing, construction, and mobile vehicle repair sectors.
  • Construction. These air compressors are highly convenient on construction sites. Not only can they provide the power necessary to operate nail guns, jackhammers, concrete vibrators, and other tools of the trade, but they are also a solution for remote locations or those lacking easy access to electricity.

Learn More About VMAC Underhood Air Compressors

Whether you’re in our hometown of Tampa, over in Orlando, across the state in West Palm Beach, or even outside Florida, we can serve you with impeccable service and efficient underhood air compressors for your trucks.

Contact us today for more information on getting these compressors for your fleet, or to inquire about replacement parts and accessories. As part of our product catalog, we also sell electric compressor options, small air compressor products, and portable products.

VMAC Underhood Air Compressors: Finally, a Truly Portable Air Compressor

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