Food and Beverage Safe Air Compressors

When ambient air is compressed, the contaminants and particles contained within that air become concentrated. Use of compressors and pneumatic tools is widespread in the food processing industry and, while compressors make the processing of foods faster and more efficient, food contamination from compressed air is a primary concern. Food grade compressed air is achievable when the proper compressor types are fitted with the essential filtration accessories and used correctly.

Airborne contaminants are rampant in the air that compressors take in for compression. Some of these pollutants include dirt, rust particles, pollen, water vapor, oil vapor, hydrocarbons, and more. All of these contaminants pose a serious risk to the quality of the food the compressors are used to process, not to mention the danger they pose to those consuming these foods.

Food grade compressed air begins with an oil-free air compressor to eliminate the chance of harmful oil vapor and residue reaching food products. Then, desiccant air dryers and particulate and coalescing compressor filters further purify air output.

All food processing facilities should research and abide by FDA safety guidelines for compressed air usage in food processing operations. Compressed Air Systems has been providing Florida food processing plants with exceptional compressor services and an unmatched selection of top-brand compressors and compressor accessories for more than 45 years. Let us help you create a compressed air system that allows you to abide by all food regulations.

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