Electric Powered

Perfect for indoor projects, an electric air compressor provides the benefits of a gas or diesel powered compressor with none of the harmful fumes. Especially apt for jobs such as construction and home remodeling, the electric air compressor simply plugs into an outlet rather than running on gas, and because of this it does not produce the gas byproducts that can present a health risk for the user.

Further, an electric air compressor is an exceptionally quiet type of compressor, especially when compared to a diesel-powered model.

Compressed Air Systems has many makes and models of the electric air compressor, including Kaeser compressors and Champion compressors options. Plus, we also offer new and used versions, allowing you to get an electric air compressor that suits your needs and your budget without sacrificing quality and durability. Our skilled and helpful systems specialists can help you determine exactly which electric air compressor fits your needs; oftentimes, companies are surprised that they don’t need as large of a compressor as they had initially thought, saving them money.

To learn more about the benefits of an electric air compressor from Compressed Air Systems, call or e-mail us today. We offer both portable, mobile air compressor products (including a truck air compressor option) and stationary models, in addition to our other high-quality air compressor products, including air compressor gun options, condensate drains, pipe fittings, air compressor hose options, and much more.

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