Refrigerated Air Dryers

Perfect for compressed air treatment, refrigerated air dryers optimize the air going into your compressor to increase efficiency and reduce wear-and-tear.

By increasing efficiency and prolonging the life of your air compressor, using refrigerated air dryers can actually save you money, since the cost of compressed air will decrease and you won’t have as many repairs to make on your machine.

Refrigerated air dryers work by cooling the air to a point at which the moisture condenses and forms into droplets. The machine then removes these droplets from the air stream and drains them to result in less humid air, which in turn reduces rust and corrosion. Further, contaminants in the air are removed by filters in the refrigerated air dryers, which results in less wear-and-tear on the machine and increased efficiency. To learn more about refrigerated air dryers and desiccant air dryers and membrane models, call or e-mail us today. You can also inquire about our other products, including gas powered air compressor and 60 gallon air compressor options, air compressor dryer products, desiccant air dryer products and desiccant beads, brass gate valves, L port valves, threaded cross pipe fittings, and air leak detection tools. We even offer AIRTECH vacuum pump products, piston pump options, and vacuum pump replacement kits.

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