Types of Compressed Gasses

Compressed gasses take many forms, including oxygen, helium, nitrogen, and natural gas. While compressors can be powered by electricity, gasoline, and natural gas, diesel is an ideal compressor fuel for portable compressors. We will explore the different types of compressed gas equipment and their applications to help you determine which compressor is suitable for your application.

What Are the Types of Compressed Gasses?

Compressed gas equipment is typically categorized by the gas it produces or the fuel type it uses. Compressed Air Systems offers the following types of compressed gas systems for diverse industrial applications.


While the composition of compressed air is similar to that of ambient air, compressed oxygen consists of high-purity oxygen that is often stored in oxygen cylinders. Industrial oxygen compressors are essential in medical and industrial applications, used for everything from patient treatment to air system sterilization. They produce sterile air, free from bacteria and contaminants. Because air quality is crucial in patient care and other sensitive applications, oxygen concentrators must be oil-free to ensure medical oxygen is pure, removing other gasses from the air.


Helium is an inert, non-reactive gas with a low density, used for inflating helium balloons, pipe leak detection applications, and cryogenics. Compressed Air Systems offers helium compressors from Sauer Compressors with various horsepower and PSI ratings for a range of applications.


Nitrogen is an inert gas that can be produced affordably in a facility using an on-site nitrogen generator. Automotive tires, food packaging, laser cutting, and more rely on nitrogen gas compressors. Nitrogen purging is an efficient method of removing oxygen or hazardous gasses from a manufacturing or processing system, such as nitrogen flushing in the food packaging industry. Nitrogen blanketing involves filling a liquid storage tank with nitrogen to protect the contents from contamination and oxidation.

Compressed Air Systems offers nitrogen generators from Nano and Great Lakes.


Compressed Air Systems offers a line of diesel-powered compressors, including mounted and portable options. Diesel air compressors are ideal for mining, construction, rescue, shipbuilding, and water conservation.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is often used for industrial purposes in compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) form. Compressed natural gas is cooled in a tank to form liquefied natural gas. CNG and LNG are ideal for many applications, including powering natural gas vehicles and generating electricity in natural gas power plants. Compressed Air Systems offers several natural gas compressors for these and other applications.

Types of Compressed Gasses Applications

Many applications depend on compressed gasses, including:


Oxygen concentrators produce medical oxygen for applications in the medical and industrial sectors:

  • Medical: wound healing treatments, anesthesia, respiratory therapy
  • Industrial: glass manufacturing, cutting, welding, steel production


Thanks to its inert, low-density properties, helium is suitable for a variety of applications and industrial processes, including:

  • Medical imaging, superconductor cooling, and other cryogenic applications
  • Pipeline and equipment leak detection
  • Lighter-than-air (LTA) applications, including balloon inflation


Nitrogen generators are vital for nitrogen gas production to serve the following applications:

  • Inert gas for preserving food freshness and minimizing oxidation
  • Producing liquid nitrogen for refrigeration and cryogenic applications
  • Surface blanketing to prevent explosions and fires
  • Removing oxygen from storage tanks and pipelines through nitrogen purging


Diesel is a reliable fuel source to power air compressors. Diesel air compressors serve the following applications:

  • Ventilation and material handling in quarry and mining applications
  • Creating vacuum and suction for water treatment and conservation applications
  • Powering pneumatic tools for construction and shipbuilding
  • Powering tools for rescue and emergency services

Natural Gas

Natural gas can be a compressed gas (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) for these applications:

  • CNG: Compressed natural gas is an alternative fuel for powering garbage trucks, Class 8 trucks, and buses.
  • LNG: Liquefied natural gas is ideal for power generation and long-haul road and water transportation applications.

Gas Compressor Solutions From Compressed Air Systems

Gas compressors can provide compressed gasses like oxygen, helium, nitrogen, and natural gas for various applications. Compressed Air Systems has been delivering solutions for our customers’ unique compressed air needs since 1963. We offer turnkey systems and services, including installation, rentals, and 24/7 emergency service. Browse our catalog or contact us to speak with a specialist about the compressor solution for your application.