Compressed Air Systems specializes in industrial air compressors and related equipment. Supporting industries ranging from general manufacturing and metal fabrication to aerospace and mining, we distribute only the highest-quality compressors from the best brands. Exceeding 200 hp and 100 psi, our air compressors utilize powerful motors to handle higher pressure levels than comparable commercial units.

    • Industrial Air Compressors

      These versatile compressors safely and efficiently deliver pressurized air for industrial applications. At Compressed Air Systems, we stock various makes, models, and unit sizes of positive displacement, centrifugal, and two-stage air compressors to deliver comprehensive, high-performance compressed air solutions.

    • Used Air Compressors

      When you’re looking to purchase a used air compressor for cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality, our team can help. Our experts refurbish and maintain air compressors utilizing new components to support enhanced, lasting performance in your unit for reliable compressed air.

    • Kaeser Compressors for Sale

      Compressed Air Systems is an authorized Kaeser dealer, an industry-best air compressor manufacturer. We supply multiple makes and models of Kaeser units, with our catalog including packaged airtower compressors, aircenter packaged compressor systems, belt-driven compressors, direct-drive compressors, and more.

    • Rotary Screw Compressors

      Compared to reciprocating compressors, our oil-injected and oil-free rotary screw compressors are the best choice for continuous use, delivering a reliable supply of compressed air for rugged industrial applications. They’re safer, quieter, and achieve higher CFM/hp while increasing efficiency for high-volume air supply.

    • Industrial Portable Air Compressors

      At Compressed Air Systems, we offer both new and used portable air compressors, meeting your compressed air supply needs wherever you are.

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      From industrial vacuum systems to air compressors, fittings, and receiver tanks, we have the equipment and accessories to support virtually any application. We partner with reputable manufacturers to distribute lasting product solutions you can trust.

    • Industrial Vacuum Systems

      At Compressed Air Systems, our heavy-duty vacuums for industrial applications combine quality and affordability in one high-performance system. These vacuum systems are compatible with light-use tasks but are built to handle everything from continuous-use cleans to environments requiring sterile conditions.

    • Air Compressors

      To support our customers’ industrial air compressors, we provide an extensive array of compressor accessories to meet your every need. Our catalog includes air hoses and reels, carbon monoxide monitors, spray guns, and much more, all from trusted distributors and manufacturers.

    • Fittings

      Our team provides high-quality fittings for your industrial air compressors and their piping, producing the ideal air compressor system for your operation. We have the nuts, bolts, and other fittings you need from brands like Legris and Dixon for optimal leak protection.

    • Air Receiver Tanks

      Air receiver tanks from Compressed Air Systems are built to handle the extreme pressures of industrial air compressors. Removing water from the air compressor system and storing the compressed air for your use at times of peak demand, air receiver tanks can improve torque and speed while reducing pulsation in your compressor system.

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      We stock and distribute multiple options for railcar door openers as well as pneumatically operated gate openers to simplify opening processes. Adding an additional degree of efficiency and safety, these products also enhance opening speeds.

    • Railcar Door Openers

      For optimal speed, safety, and simplicity in opening railcar doors, we procure several models of railcar door openers from trusted manufacturers. Door openers are available both new and used to give you options that fit your budget. Compressed Air Systems sells, rents, services, and repairs these railcar components.

    • POGOs

      We distribute pneumatically operated gate openers (POGOs) with an emphasis on productivity and worker safety. For efficiently opening railroad hopper car gates, Compressed Air Systems offers original, monorail, sidewinder, and quad versions.

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Over 60 Years of Outstanding Service

Compressed Air Systems, Inc. has been delivering air compressor solutions since 1963. We specialize in air compressors, vacuum systems, blowers, and other miscellaneous equipment and accessories.
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Explore our INTERACTIVE POGO RAILCAR OPENER, the first of its kind railcar hopper opener designed with operator safety in mind.

Compressed Air Systems has been a loyal and dedicated partner with Kaeser Compressors Inc. since 1985! As an authorized distributor, Compressed Air Systems has successfully supported growth of our business by providing excellent sales, service, and customer support for all Kaeser products.

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Kaeser Compressors Inc.

An engineer at Lockheed Martin in Melbourne, FL was tasked with lowering utility costs throughout the entire facility. He came across a project that involved using nitrogen to fill test boxes, which were used to test parts for NASA. These boxes need to be durable enough to withstand an outer space environment.