Vacuum and Pressure Gauges

When you spend so much time and money getting the perfect air compressor system set up for your business, the last thing you need is faulty vacuum and pressure gauges. Not only can they result in diminished productivity, but they can even hurt the quality of your work by reducing precision and accuracy.

Thankfully, Compressed Air Systems offers a variety of vacuum and pressure gauges to help you keep your machines running smoothly and your work done precisely.

Offering a variety of options, including dry utility pressure gauges, liquid filled pressure gauges, and stainless steel vacuum gauges, Compressed Air Systems provides vacuum and pressure gauges built to exacting specifications to ensure they read the correct pressure every time. Easy to read, our vacuum and pressure gauges make it simple to quickly and accurately get a measurement. Regardless of the application, our vacuum and pressure gauges can withstand the rigors of life in even the roughest of shops. Just like our well-built air compressors, stainless steel pressure gauges, brass ball valves, locking handle ball valves, street tee fittings, air breathing filters, and other fine products, our vacuum and pressure gauges are built to last and maintain premium performance. Be sure to check out all of our excellent products, including oil water separator products, air compressor regulator, oil mist eliminator products, and sandblast equipment.

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