Turanair T-FORCE Portable Compressed Air Tank Products: Small, Lightweight, Powerful, and Efficient

A true innovation in the industry, Turanair’s T-FORCE compressed air tank line provides an incredibly versatile, effective solution to compressed air needs. Eliminating the need to be connected to messy, potentially dangerous air hoses, the T-FORCE compressed air tank essentially allows you to carry the power of an air compressor with you wherever you go.

Just as cell phones gave users the freedom to roam, Turanair’s compressed air tanks give you the ability to quickly and effectively operate your pneumatic tools without having to be hooked up to an air compressor. Get the same professional, precise, and powerful benefits without the cost or inconvenience. It’s like having your own small, portable air compressor.


A Turanair T-FORCE portable compressed air tank can be used wherever there is a need for quick, convenient compressed air; however, some of the industries that have benefitted the most from this innovation include:

  • Construction industry: Eliminate the time, inconvenience, and mess of setting up a complete compressor system at your construction site. Simply strap on a T-FORCE compressed air tank, and get to work. Your employees and your customers will thank you, and you’ll save time and money on jobs, not to mention increase the safety of your workers. The T-FORCE is perfect for: framing, cabinetry, caulking, roofing, molding, and more, and it easily hooks up to all your pneumatic tools.
  • Fire rescue/EMS/HAZMAT: In an emergency, time is of the essence. You can’t waste valuable seconds setting up a compressor. Get rid of heavy, bulky fire and rescue equipment. Rather than use three workers to operate a compressor, jump into action by giving each a compressed air tank.
  • Marine industry: From filling life rafts and dinghies to water toys, caulking and resealing wood decks, cleaning, underwater repairs and more, you can conserve precious space, save time, and get the job done perfectly, whether you’re taking a pleasure cruise in the Gulf of Mexico or transporting goods across the Atlantic. Safe and noncombustible, you can trust the T-FORCE.

Racing industry: A split second can mean the difference between 1st place and 5th.

With a Turanair compressed air tank system, you can save precious time; you get compressed air as quickly as you can move your hand, eliminating the need to move hoses or worry about getting tangled up.

This system also increases the safety of pit workers, since there are no tubes over which to trip or get caught.

An exceptionally environmentally friendly solution, this system replaces the air, water, soil, and noise pollution of compressors and generators with quiet, efficient power.

Using clean, dry compressed air as its source of energy, you can power your pneumatic tools without dispersing chemicals into the air, polluting your environment and negatively affecting the health of your employees.

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Turanair T-FORCE Portable Compressed Air Tank Products