VMAC Portable Air Compressors: Efficient, Easy-to-Use, and Affordable

When you think portable air compressors, you probably think the large, bulky machines that have characterized this design for too long. Usually hooked up behind a truck, these configurations are difficult to maneuver and end up costing substantial money in fuel – for both the towing vehicle and the compressor itself. In addition, many companies don’t always know in advance if they’ll need their portable air compressors for a job, resulting in costly and time consuming trips back and forth to fetch the compressor and bring it to the work site.

VMAC portable air compressors are an innovation in the field that is revolutionizing how companies around the country – and the world – see portable compressed air. Rather than hooking on to the back of your vehicles, this ground-breaking design is actually mounted underneath the hood and integrated into your truck’s system. Rather than running off an external and limited power source such as gasoline, the VMAC portable air compressors utilize their own serpentine belt, which is precisely built into the OEM belt to accommodate for the engine’s horsepower capacity.

In addition, the VMAC design has a 100% duty cycle, which means that there’s no waiting for your air tank to fill up. These portable air compressors self-adjust to meet the needs of your pneumatic tools, as you’re using them. In fact, there is no receiver tank at all, cutting down on bulk and weight, and the air/oil separator tank is mounted securely and discreetly onto the frame rail of the vehicle.

Because VMAC portable air compressors fit most popular work trucks, this innovative system is available and attainable for companies of all shapes and sizes. Call or e-mail Compressed Air Systems today to find out how we can help you get affordable, efficient, and durable VMAC portable air compressors, and applicable parts, that will streamline your business and save you money. With a two year limited warranty, you simply can’t go wrong.