Air Compressor Maintenance Saves Money

Although you may not realize it, your air compressor system could be costing you thousands of dollars a year. Inefficient compressor systems use more energy with fewer results, costing you time and the money for your electric bill. Keeping up with proper air compressor maintenance can save you money and increase the life of your air compressor system.

Unless you have an oil-free compressor, maintaining the oil levels and viscosity in your machine is of the utmost importance. A complete air compressor maintenance program will check oil and fluid levels every day to make sure they are at the proper level and do not need to be changed. However, you can also lengthen the life of your oil and other fluids by keeping your air filter clean and changing it regularly.

Another important aspect of air compressor maintenance are regularly conducted air audits. Oftentimes, leaks in the air system go unnoticed, but they can easily result in costs that range into the thousands of dollars. By including air audits in your air compressor maintenance, you can catch any leaks and other inefficiencies quickly, reducing their economic effects. Compressed Air Systems has the expereinced professionals with the service know-how to keep your compressors operating at peak performance.

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