The Air Compressor Pressure Regulator: Why Is It Important?

Although you may not realize it, some of smallest parts of your air compressor system are the most important. One of these is the air compressor pressure regulator. Especially integral for performing precise tasks, like dental work, this little compressor part can impact all jobs, both large and small. By controlling the output flow of air from the compressor, the air compressor pressure regulator keeps a level, constant stream of air going to your air tools to prevent accidents and keep them in good working order for longer. Imagine trying to use a blow gun with spurts of air sporadically streaming from the tip, making it impossible to aim precisely or predict how much power is coming; without a pressure regulator, this would be reality.

From Orlando to LA and everywhere in between, Compressed Air Systems offers many air compressor parts, including pressure regulators, to customers nationwide. Whether you’re doing a total system overhaul, or you just need a single part, we’ve got you covered with durable, affordable compressor parts.

Choose from options such as:

  • Various sizes - 1/4-inch, ½-inch, and more
  • Many capacities - 140PSI, 160PSI, 200PSI, etc
  • A variety of dimensions
  • Different brand names, including Wilkerson

Call or e-mail Compressed Air Systems today if you have any questions about the air compressor pressure regulator or anything else regarding your compressor system.