Air Compressor Filter Oil: More Important than You May Think

Just like in a car or truck, keeping your air compressor filter oil clean is absolutely imperative. Without proper care, an air compressor will often break, and improper maintenance can significantly reduce the life of the machine. Air compressor filter oil is an especially important part of the regular maintenance of you machine. With your regularly scheduled oil changes, you should also check the air compressor filter. If your filter needs to be replaced, it is important to do this as soon as possible to avoid any costly repairs resulting from irregular lubrication of the machine.

Further, if the air compressor filter oil is dirty, it cannot do its job and clean the air, meaning the air being expelled from the machine may have particles in it that can cause damage. Efficiency is also an aspect to consider for air compressor filter oil. If air cannot pass properly through the filter, then the machine will not run as efficiently, causing you to spend extra time and money.

To avoid any complications resulting from dirty air compressor filter oil and other aspects of an air compressor, preventative maintenance agreements are a wide-spread and especially effective solution. In these agreements, the customer sets up a schedule for a compressor expert to examine the machines and perform any necessary maintenance to avoid costly repairs and to help extend the life of the machine.

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