Automotive Spray Booths for Tampa Bay Florida and Beyond

Offering an economic and efficient way to serve your customers with beautiful paint jobs, automotive spray booths provide an extraordinarily clean environment in which to work. Even if your workshop is spotless, there’s always the risk of dust and debris floating into the line of your work and botching a paint job, necessitating expensive and time-consuming repairs. But, with automotive spray booths from Compressed Air Systems, you don’t have to worry about outside contaminants. Not only is the vehicle protected from the wind and the particles carried by it, but your painting project is secluded in its own protected and specialized environment to let it dry faster.

Compressed Air Systems offers automotive spray booths with a number of configurations, including:

  • Powder coating
  • Full downdraft
  • Semi downdraft
  • Reverse air flow
  • Front air flow
  • Side downdraft

Whether you work in general automotives and need automotive spray booths to accommodate many different-sized vehicles, you deal exclusively in large commercial trucks, or anywhere in between, Compressed Air Systems has an affordable and efficient solution for your needs. Our automotive spray booths give you unparalleled precision and the ability to provide beautiful, smooth coats easily.

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