Insights on Compressed Air: Latest Trends and Applications

  1. Compressed Air Applications

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    Air compressor systems are popular installations that can handle a wide variety of packaging, pumping, and material handling tasks. Compressed air is a reliable medium for transferring power to control equipment throughout manufacturing and non-manufacturing processes. Learn more about the applications of compressed air systems and how Compressed Air Systems, Inc. can help you build, rebuild, or optimize your system.

    Compressed Air Systems

    Compressed air systems give facilities access to pressurized air. These systems include a motor-powered mechanical device that compresses input air to a set pressure level for use in a variety of applications. In industrial compressed air systems, the compressed air passes out of the motorized unit into pipes throughout the plant. Depending on the applications and unique needs of the facility, the air system may also include a drying component that removes humidity from the air before it’s distributed.

    Compressed Air Applications

    Compressed air is used extensively throughout commercial and industrial processes. However, it is also vital in applications beyond manufacturing. Common industries that rely on compressed air include:

    • Agriculture. Compressed air is used for pneumatic tools, vacuum packing equipment, and conveying equipment, as well as general farming equipment.
    • Construction. Compressed air provides power for pneumatic tools and equipment on active construction sites.
    • Food and beverage. This industry uses compressed air for bottling and packing processes that preserve goods, conveying and product handling processes, and fluid pump systems.
    • Mining. The mining industry relies on compressed air to power drilling tools and provide processing power for filtering and separating applications. 
    • Recreation. Amusement park rides and ski lifts use air-powered brakes, and hotels and other large-scale facilities use compressed air to control elevators. Other recreation-related applications include cleaning sensitive equipment, efficient sewage disposal, sprinklers for landscaping, and more. 
    • Service industries. The service industry includes a wide range of services such as dry cleaners, hospitals, and more. These facilities use compressed air for climate control and laundry machines. Hospitals also use air compressing systems to control respiration systems for patients.

    Key applications for compressed air include:

    • Air knives
    • Bottle filling
    • Fluid pumps
    • Food filling machines
    • Nitrogen generation
    • Packaging
    • PET bottle blowing
    • Product handling
    • And more

    Working With Compressed Air Systems

    No matter what processes you use compressed air for, it’s important to invest in a system you can rely on. At Compressed Air Systems (CAS), we’re the leading provider of reliable compressed air systems. We specialize in creating custom solutions for facilities across multiple different industries. Our services include:

    • Compressed air audits and leak detection
    • Compressed air leak elimination
    • Equipment and system rentals
    • Rotary screw rebuilds for motorized compression units
    • Turnkey design, development, and builds for compressed air systems

    We serve clients throughout the following industries:

    • Manufacturing and Industrial
    • Medical
    • Aerospace
    • Electronics
    • Fleet Maintenance
    • Plastics
    • Food and Beverage Processing

    For specialized air compression systems that interact with consumable goods such as pharmaceuticals, beverages, and food, we build our systems to comply with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

    To learn more about the applications of compressed air, or for more information about our capabilities, contact us today.

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