Breathing Air/SeaWorld Case Study

The Problem

Sea World Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando uses Kaeser air compressors specified for breathing air, and Compressed Air Systems is the local Kaeser dealer in Florida. The amusement park needed a compressed air solution that could deliver breathing air to guests and staff in the Dolphin Cove area. Dolphin Cove is home to SeaWorld’s dolphin pools, where guests can watch dolphins jump above and swim below the water with other sea life. This attraction is one of the world’s largest interactive dolphin pools—it was crucial that the exhibit had the right air compression systems to protect guests and staff.

Compressed Air Systems is proud to be the local Orlando-area dealer for Kaeser products and systems, and we partnered with SeaWorld Orlando to find a long-term solution that offered both safety and cost-effective performance that met or exceeded all necessary requirements.

The Solution

Compressed Air Systems delivered compressed air products that comply with OSHA’s breathing air safety codes. Unlike other industrial compressed air assemblies, breathing air systems must meet particularly stringent standards regarding the air’s composition, odors, and maximum allowable contaminants.

Specifically, our team installed a system meeting OSHA’s standards for Grade D breathing air, which has requirements including:

  • Oxygen content between 19.5% and 23.5% (v/v)
  • Carbon dioxide content of no more than 1000 parts per million
  • Carbon monoxide content no more than 10 parts per million
  • Condensed hydrocarbon content of no more than 5 milligrams per cubic meter of breathing air
  • No noticeable odor

Our technicians worked after the park’s visiting hours to ensure a smooth installation that did not disrupt business operations or the guest experience in Dolphin Cove. The compressed air system included four filters, including a carbon filter that captured odors, oils, and other particulates. The system also used food-grade oil because it contains zero additives, which means the oil needs more frequent replacement but provides cleaner breathing air.

Not only did our solution provide a clean, safe air supply, but it also ensured zero oil odors so guests could enjoy their Dolphin Cove experience and staff could focus on their work.

The Result

After installing the Kaeser breathing air system, SeaWorld Orlando had reliable compressed air that met OSHA’s Grade D breathing air requirements, ensuring a positive guest experience. We also built a carbon monoxide alarm into the system as an additional precaution to guarantee compliance and better protect the wellbeing of visitors and staff divers.

Kaeser’s air compressors are built to provide high-quality air for your facility, employees, and guests. Kaeser is one of the most renowned compressor manufacturers in the world, with an excellent reputation for performance, safety, and versatility. They design and build a wide variety of air compressors for different commercial and industrial applications.

At Compressed Air Systems, we’re committed to providing businesses with easy access to everything from portable units to heavy-duty compressors. For over 55 years, our team has been providing our clients with high-performance systems, hardware, and professional services. Contact us today to find the right air compressor and support services for your organization.

Breathing Air/SeaWorld Case Study

Breathing Air/SeaWorld Case Study

Breathing Air/SeaWorld Case Study

Breathing Air/SeaWorld Case Study