Compressor Fluid – Oil and Lubricant from Compressed Air Systems

Compressor fluid, oil or synthetic lubricant, keeps the numerous internal parts of your compressor system safely operating at high speeds and under extreme pressure. When your compressor is properly lubricated it helps the machine run more efficiently, keeps temperatures under control, and reduces wear and tear.

These benefits help reduce operational and maintenance costs, which can lead to significant savings.

Whether you have a rotary screw or reciprocating compressor, we have compressor fluid for models of all kinds, including:

  • Splash lubricated
  • Oil-less
  • High-pressure
  • Low-pressure
  • Gas-powered
  • Diesel-powered
  • Electric

If you have a 5hp compressor for your automotive shop, a 60 gallon compressor for your home garage, or a compressor of any size, power, for any application, we have the compressor fluid to suit your machine. Compressed Air Systems has been selling and servicing air compressors since 1963, and we have the experience with a wide variety of compressor models to recommend the right compressor fluid for your needs.

Contact us today for more information on our selection of oil and other lubricants to keep your compressor system running at peak performance.