Desiccant Air Dryer Selection Available at Compressed Air Systems

A desiccant air dryer might be essential to your compressed air system, especially if you are utilizing your system to produce food, manufacture electronics, or in other applications that require the driest air possible. If you’re looking for such an air dryer, turn to Compressed Air Systems for an outstanding selection of these products.

One of the desiccant air dryers we offer is the Air Guardian2. Like other desiccant dryers, this product uses silica gel to absorb moisture that may otherwise pass through your lines, wrecking havoc on your equipment, ruining your products, or damaging your paintjob. The Air Guardian2 stands out from the crowd through its sheer simplicity and reliability because the desiccant is built into a cartridge that can be more easily replaced than the usual desiccant beads. These air dryers can reduce moisture vapor to .5 percent of relative humidity and remove oil mist particles as fine as .01 micron in diameter. In addition to all of these benefits, the Air Guardian2 is also extremely durable because it is encased in a tough nylon housing designed to last long into the future.

We offer several other desiccant air dryer options from various manufacturers, including:

  • Eastern Air Products
  • Zeks
  • Kaeser
  • And many more

For more information about our desiccant air dryer selection, contact Compressed Air Systems today. You can also take a look at our online catalog to learn about our other products, including refrigerated air dryers, reciprocating air compressors, VMAC underhood compressors, air compressor piping, and more.