Diesel Air Compressor for Sale

One of the most popular models of air compressors, especially for heavy-duty uses, the diesel air compressor is a great choice for many companies. Unlike an electrically powered compressor, a diesel air compressor has no cord, so you can avoid the trouble of moving a cord along with the compressor.

It also does not require that you be around an electrical outlet while using it, meaning you can take your diesel air compressor onto job sites such as construction sites, where there may or may not be electricity available.

Compressed Air Systems stocks a number of makes and models of diesel air compressors, including the highly renowned Kaeser brand. Plus, we also offer new and used models. Our skilled and trained systems specialists inspect each and every diesel air compressor we sell, and we can also help you pick out which one is best for you.

To learn more about a diesel air compressor from Compressed Air Systems, call or e-mail us today. Our inventory also includes other air compressors, like single stage compressors, rotary vane compressor options, various accessories and other high-quality products, including piping, threaded caps, quick couplings, and more.