Grade D Compressed Air for Breathable Air Needs in Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Orlando, and across Florida

OSHA has the immense responsibility of maintaining the rules and regulations regarding health and safety in all occupations. Grade D compressed air meets OSHA’s strict standard for breathable compressed air. This class of air is required in many types of industrial facilities and applications that involve breathing masks, mouthpieces, and other apparatuses for the direct inhalation of air.

Since 1963, Compressed Air Systems has been supplying Central Florida businesses with the oil-less and oil-free compressors and accessories they need to produce safe, breathable air to meet Grade D compressed air requirements.

Our selection of air filtration accessories includes:

  • Particulate, coalescing, and fine coalescing filters
  • Refrigerated, desiccant, and membrane air dryers
  • CO monitors and alarms
  • Condensate management systems

As an authorized Kaeser dealer, we also offer the Kaeser Air Purification System, which is specially designed with six stages of purification to remove moisture, dirt and dust particles, oil vapor, and carbon monoxide from compressed air to meet Grade D requirements. Whether you need pure air for your industrial painting shop in Kissimmee or for your diving tanks in Tarpon Springs, Compressed Air Systems can provide the products to help you achieve the air quality you need.

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