Heavy Duty Air Line Filter for Industrial Compressors

A heavy duty air line filter is a must for maintaining the air quality you need from your industrial compressor while also preserving its efficiency. Since 1963, Compressed Air Systems has carried a wide variety of high-quality line filters in our extensive selection of compressor parts and accessories.

These filters come from many of the industry’s top manufacturers, like Wilkerson and Kaeser, known for filtration products that provide exceptional performance in even the harshest industrial conditions.

Some of the numerous filter options you’ll find in our selection include:

  • General purpose
  • Oil
  • Air oil separator
  • Carbon activated
  • Particulate
  • Coalescing
  • Fine coalescing
  • In-line
  • Tee type
  • Disc
  • And more

If you need advice on what kind of line filter is best for your particular heavy duty compressor, you can rely on the in-depth knowledge of our factory-certified technicians to recommend the filter you need to ensure its optimal performance. We also carry virtually all of the parts and accessories you need for your entire compressor system. From air hoses to receiver tanks to condensate drains, we have all of your compressor needs covered.

For more information on our selection of heavy duty filters, contact us today or feel free to browse our online catalog.