High Pressure Refrigerated Air Dryers for Customers from Tampa to Orlando, and Beyond

For compressed air applications that require pressures between 700 – 900 psig, a high pressure refrigerated air dryer is necessary to withstand the higher pressure environment. The higher the pressure, the more prevalent concentrated and problematic contaminants in your compressor can be, and standard cycling or non-cycling compressed air dryers are not equipped to handle the added strain.

With specialized drains and heavy-duty exchangers, a high pressure dryer is built to withstand the high pressure to help maintain an efficient compressed air system. Compressed Air Systems offers quality, durable, high pressure dryers from some of the top manufacturers in the industry.

We offer high pressure air dryers and other types of compressed air refrigerated dryers, including:

We have been serving the state of Florida with expert compressed air services since 1963. Let Compressed Air Systems help you choose the right components for your compressed air system, and you can rest assured that your compressor is running as efficiently as possible. We also offer repair, maintenance, rental, air audits, and more.

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