High Pressure Air Compressor from Compressed Air Systems

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When you have a heavy-duty job to complete, you need a compressed air machine that can stand up to the abuse and deliver the power you need. A high pressure air compressor from Compressed Air Systems can do all this and more.

Fit for a variety of industries, from construction to commercial uses, there is a high pressure air compressor for every job.


High Pressure Air Compressor from Compressed Air Systems: Kaeser



Compressed Air Systems is proud to be a Kaeser dealer and offer their high pressure air compressor models, as well as new and used models of other brands.

Not only do we provide a wide selection from which to choose, but our low all-around prices and our used models allow you to get the high pressure air compressor you need while saving money and staying in your budget.

Plus, our systems specialists can assist you through the entire process, including with an evaluation of any current pneumatic compressor system.

For more information on a high pressure air compressor from Compressed Air Systems, as well as any other type of compressor, from low-pressure and high-volume to truck air compressor and scroll air compressor options to Kaeser screw compressor products, call or e-mail us today.

We also offer other items you may need, including aluminum modular manifoldsair compressor regulatorspaint booth options, and even Throttle Commander throttle controls.

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