Horizontal Air Receivers from Compressed Air Systems

Horizontal air receivers should be made of durable materials and built to last, so Compressed Air Systems offers tough receivers that will hold up to everyday use. We have several types of high-quality air receivers that were manufactured by Manchester Tanks, including different sizes ranging from 10 gallons (1.34 cubic feet) to 240 gallons (32.09 cubic feet).

Some of our receivers include top plates, and all of them come with sturdy saddle feet to keep the receivers off the floor. They also have maximum allowable working pressures ranging from 200 to 300psi.

No matter which type you choose to purchase, using horizontal air receivers has many benefits for a compressed air system, including:

  • Providing extra storage space for compressed air that helps in case of spikes in usage, which may allow a system to utilize a smaller compressor
  • Decreasing wear on other components of the system, extending their lifespan
  • Reducing cycling, which can help conserve energy
  • And more

In addition to our air receivers, we have virtually every other type equipment that you might need to complete and improve your system. Our inventory includes top-notch items such as reciprocating air compressors, oil less air compressors, air compressor piping, vacuum and pressure gauges that are sure to keep your system operating while protecting operators.

For more information on the horizontal air receivers we have for sale, contact Compressed Air Systems today. You can also look through our online catalog to view all of the other products we offer.