Humidifier Prefilters from Compressed Air Systems

Humidifier prefilters are perfect for removing particulates from the air before it goes through the more restrictive filters of the filtration system. At Compressed Air Systems, we stock MST humidifier prefilters, which are designed for two-step protection. First, it removes larger particles that can be harmful not only to your workers, but to your equipment as well.

Then, the filter begins coalescing liquid aerosols, before passing the air through the rest of MST’s Respiratory Protector. The process helps prepare the air for thorough cleansing, which can even remove odors, and for humidification. With an entire system in place, you can be sure your workers will have the clean, moist air they need in any situation.

Beyond the humidifier prefilters, we offer a wide range of other useful products such as:

  • Gas air compressors that don’t need to be plugged into a power source
  • Sandblast equipment that come in various sizes to suit any air compressor
  • Vacuum and pressure gauges that ensure an accurate reading
  • Air receiver tanks that allow your compressed air system to function more efficiently
  • Air compressor lubricant that reduces friction and, therefore, wear and tear
  • And more

At Compressed Air Systems, we have been in the business since 1963, so you can rest assured that we not only have the inventory to fulfill all of your needs, we also have the experience to help you choose the right products for your applications.

Contact us today to receive more information on our humidifier prefilters, as well as all of our other products.