Increte Systems, Inc.

The Problem

Compressed Air Systems has been conducting compressed air audits for nearly 50 years to determine areas for improvement and efficiency in each unique system. Many compressed air systems run inefficiently, which can drastically impact the amount of electricity they take to run. With rising electricity rates, efficiency of compressed air systems is crucial, especially when considering that 70-80% of a compressed air system’s operating cost involves the cost of electricity.

To enhance the effectiveness of Increte Systems, Inc.’s compressed air system, our process began with a comprehensive air demand analysis. We reviewed the entire system to find inefficiencies, malfunctions, and developing problems. With the data we collected, our team of experts created a customized report describing the system’s air flow, daily air flow patterns, electrical costs, and more. We were then able to recommend a customized solution to optimize control and reduce electricity and operation costs.

The Solution

Increte Systems
To effectively generate precise data about Increte Systems, Inc.’s compressed air system, we recommended the installation and use of our Air Demand Analyzer tool. This equipment is a data logging device. It can record the duty cycles handled by the individual compressors in a larger compressed air system, as well as measure the electrical usage, running time, and more. It can also analyze air demand on the system. Each Air Demand Analyzer has eight digital inputs and one analog input, so it can measure data from multiple inputs simultaneously. Some of the key measurements it can provide include:

  • The total running time of the air compressors under load
  • The total running time of four or eight total compressors
  • Data from the flowmeters or kilowatt meters of select units

Along with the Air Demand Analyzer, our team recommended installing pressure transducers at key points throughout the system to monitor pressure and changes within the system.

The Result

Increte Systems
As a result of our analysis procedure, the Compressed Air Systems team was able to determine that Increte Systems, Inc.’s compressed air system had 35,221 hours of running time, 7,799 of which were loaded. The Air Demand Analyzer report determined that the load on the compressors was light, and there were two available solutions to save on their then-current energy costs of $10,680 per year:

  • Proposal One: (2) BSD 60, SAM 4.0, and Storage, which would result in $5,113 saved each year by reducing power consumption.
  • Proposal Two: (3) ASD 40 and SAM 4.0, which would save them $5,584 each year on electricity costs.

Increte Systems, Inc. selected the second proposal. Three years later, they were operating the 100 HP system at 25 HP with 60% average usage per unit. The addition of new systems was able to cut their electricity costs by over half. Not only does this represent a significant reduction in operational costs for the company, but it also reduces their total energy consumption and makes the company’s processes far more environmentally friendly. A continued focus on saving energy and reducing impact on the planet will continue to push improvements on the efficiency of industrial air compressor systems.