L Port Valves for Sale at Compressed Air Systems

L port valves, or L flow valves, allow you to direct flow between a side port and the center port of the valves. If you’re looking for these valves, Compressed Air Systems can help. You can select stainless steel valves, which are available in ½-inch NPT full port, 3/4-inch NPT standard port, and 1-inch standard port NPT varieties and can operate under a maximum working pressure of 800psi.

You can also choose brass valves that are rated to a maximum working pressure of 400psi for water, oil, or gas applications. Both types of valves have blowout-proof stems and a handle with a vinyl sleeve for toggling between flow paths, as well as adjustable packing glands. We also offer T-port valves, which look similar, but allow flow from both side ports to or from the center port.

In addition to the L port valves, we offer a wide selection of other valves, including:

  • Gate valves
  • Pneumatically actuated ball valves
  • Full flow ball valves
  • Locking handle ball valves
  • And many more

Whatever type of valve you need for your system, you can rely on us to provide you with high-quality products at extremely competitive prices.

Contact Compressed Air Systems today to learn more about L port valves and all of our other valves. You can also browse our online catalog to see our entire inventory, including air receiver tanks, new and used air compressors, air purification systems, refrigerated air dryers, and more.