Medical Grade Compressed Air is Essential for Patient Health in Healthcare Facilities in Tampa, Orlando, and throughout Central Florida

Many surgical tools, like pneumatic drills, used in hospitals and other medical facilities utilize compressed air for added power, even pressure, and precision during operations and other procedures. Compressed air is achieved by pulling ambient air into a compressor and putting this air under pressure.

Since ambient air is usually full of dust, dirt, and other pollutants, specialized accessories are needed to achieve medical grade compressed air, which ensures the health of the patient is not compromised. This level of air must be free of oil, water, hydrocarbons, rust particles, and any contaminants that may pose the threat of infection.

Below is an example of some medical grade air requirements per cubic meter of air: (Note: These are examples, and Compressed Air Systems is not a legal authority on medical air requirements.)

  • 5.5mg of carbon monoxide
  • 900 mg carbon dioxide
  • 0.5mg of oil mist

Compressed Air Systems has been serving Central Florida, from Tampa to Orlando and beyond, with professional and reliable compressed air services since 1963. Our compressed air specialists can advise your medical facility on the right air dryers, air filters, air regulators, and more to ensure you achieve the precise medical grade compressed air output you need for patient safety.

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